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pcCentral has been helping businesses breathe easier with cloud-based solutions since 2004. Back then, we referred to it as "Virtual Desktop". Now, most people commonly relate to the term "Cloud Computing" or "In the Cloud". We move companies' "Total Work Environment" into their own private piece of the cloud located right here in our Des Moines Data Center.

Security/Disaster Recovery: This is where we focus a lot of our educating. We find an alarming number of business owners believe their server (and the entire business life line that is stored in this server), is "safest" in their building where they can see it.... between 8am-5pm. Where there are faulty sprinklers, possible fires, tornados, burst pipes, physical theft, etc. When we ask what their business continuity plan is in the event of a disaster, we usually get a blank stare. The small amount of companies that DO send their data offsite, aren't sending it far enough offsite and do not realize the amount of time it will take to retrieve their stored data... .months usually.

With pcCentral, not only is all their data (business life line) stored offsite, their "Total Work Environment" is backed up 3 times daily and copied to yet a second location. In the case of a total building disaster, they simply sign into their session from any device where there is internet and continue work as usual. No down time. No missed orders. No waiting days for recovery. No more worries about a stolen laptop at the airport or a break in at home or the office.

Fixed monthly costs: This is most frequently cited financial benefit of cloud computing; shifting capital expenses to operating expenses. pcCentral has fixed monthly costs. No surprises. Companies pay per user, making it simple to predict costs during growth. We can add and remove users very quickly with little to no effort from the client.


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