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3 Key Reasons Why These Businesses Went Full Cloud

Here are some key examples of real customer situations in just the last 30 days.

  1. I.T. Cost Variability – I.T. expense is all over the place.  In one case, a user had a virus 2x in 6 months.  It cost $1k to remove the viruses  on a $600 laptop.  Each time required a full re-install of software.  Also, the customer’s server was dying a slow death and needed replacement soon.  Their secondary reason was all about convenience.  No more servers.  No more updates.  Ever.
  2. Server replacement & Management -If you’re an SMB being quoted $10k-$15k for a new server…that’s just not cool.  Moving I.T. into a monthly operating expense vs. a capital expense was just the ticket.  The money saved on the server pays for over one year of recurring worry free support and delivery of the Scale Faster solution.
  3. Business owner needs to focus on what matters – not I.T. – In this case a business owner has very strategic growth opportunities and operations to worry about.  I.T. has been sapping his time for years.  He was surprised it was this easy and that it was possible to maintain full control, improve reliability, and simply remove this from the list of things he needed to worry about in 2013 and beyond.

What’s your reason for considering a change in the realm of I.T.?

Time? Money? Mobility? Security? Flexibility?

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