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4 Cloud Myths Addressed

clock and stack of moneyGreat article in the biz journal titled “Top 4 Myths of Cloud Computing” that is absolutely worth the read if you’re even thinking about what moving some or all of your I.T. infrastructure into the cloud might mean for your business.  I know you’re busy so I want to list each of these cloud myths and address each one quickly.

Myth No. 1: “By putting all of my data and applications in the cloud, I no longer need to worry about IT.”

We say this a lot in our world.  Actually we say “Remove the pain and drain of I.T. forever.”  We probably need to get clearer on size of company and what “worry” means.  If never having another I.T. issue ever again is the expectation of the cloud – no one can live up to that.  However, if removing worry means having one place to call with questions, never having to buy another server, and having an absolute minimum of tech stuff to talk about except keeping the Internet connection up – then we’re there.  I think the key is that the lack of I.T. can become a strategic advantage to those who’ve embraced the cloud.

Myth No. 2: “Cloud computing will eliminate my need for a full-time IT professional or outside consultant.”

I think we’re back to defining what size customer we’re talking about here.  In the 1-100 user range where Scale Faster sits, we are able to manage 99% of a customers’ infrastructure, questions, support inquiries, etc. without the use of outsiders.  We’re huge advocates of having a strategic I.T. thinker on your management team.  We don’t advocate wholesale firing of staff.  But we do remove the tactical, “Hey Jim can you come down here and look at this message on my PC because I don’t know what to do” which kills morale and devalues very talented I.T. folks.  When we assess a future customers’ situation, we check wiring and connectivity too so we can be sure we don’t have any gotchas lurking.

Myth No. 3: “I never have to replace my workstations if all my applications are delivered through the cloud.”

Agreed 100%.  The author rightly points out that cloud solutions can extend the life of hardware (since the processing power is at the server side).  He also mentions that thin clients are an option which does remove the PC from day-to-day life.  Thin clients are under $350 and come with a 3-year warranty in many cases.  They also use far less electricity than a PC and have no moving parts.  We highly recommend this to our customers.

Myth No. 4: “The cloud is cheaper.”

The author concedes “It depends.”  He’s right.  When customers between 1-100 users analyze their actual I.T. infrastructure costs including time, licensing, downtime, opportunity cost of this person or that person fixing stuff because “they know how,” morale, on-going maintenance, local machine maintenance, etc. I’d challenge the findings that a true “Desktop as a Service” solution is more expensive.  I.T. expenses are notoriously under appreciated.  Factoring in the ability of cloud solutions to scale DOWN as well as up with no contracts (in our case) makes the economic argument a non-issue.  It’s cheaper. Period.

Again, great article and I highly encourage you read the author’s full explanation and reasoning.  He’s spot on and as you know…in a small article you can’t cover every situation so I just added our Scale Faster spin for our SMB market.  Until we meet in the clouds again…


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