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5 Ways to Recruit the Best Talent

I know you feel it.  It’s getting harder and harder to find the talent you need to succeed in your business.  And if you’re in the skilled trades, engineering, or I.T. sectors, you feel an acute sense of worry about the future.  It seems odd doesn’t it with millions of people out of work complaining there are simply no jobs available, that there’s such a massive disconnect between potential future employees and the companies who so desperately need them?  Why is recruiting so problematic today? How can 2 groups of people (employers and potential employees) be so close…yet so far apart?  How can my company hire the best people in the market..and retain them over the long term so the business will thrive?

The answers to these questions may appear at first to be new technologies, social media, or outsourcing to recruiters or agencies.   I warn you – do not be distracted by shiny objects and rabbit holes that avoid the root causes of recruiting woes.  The facts are that:

The rate of change in our economy is staggering and continues to accelerate well beyond the rate of systems to adapt to new realities.

  • Recruiting strategies and execution are typically driven by leaders who are distinctly removed from the realities of the young people they wish to bring into their organization.
  • Leadership, values, and purpose or “inner work life” are far more important to future employees than money, benefits, and a nice office.
  • Most companies use the same “submit your credentials and we’ll cull a top candidate list” system used for the last 100 years.
  • Most companies still hire in an “oh crap” reactive mode leading to panic hires, turnover, and internal culture damage.
I delivered a talk on this topic recently and the TOP 5 Strategies are contained in a downloadable PDF.  You can download this PDF with NO OPT IN whatsoever by clicking this link.

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