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A retail store for cloud computing in Des Moines

It dawned on me as I was taking a walk one day that the entire model of selling technical services needed to be blown up.  That moment was the beginning of what has become Scale Faster.  Our company (we’re a spin off from pcCentral) has been selling and support cloud computing in the Midwest since 2004.  That’s before the cloud was cool.  Now we have started by designing the customer experience from the ground up.  This experience is reflected in our retail space (it’s really cool), our discovery process, our people, and our goals.

We really want this location to become a hub of business and community activity.  It’s set up for exploration and creative problem solving.  So stop by, have a cup of coffee with us, and see what we’re up to.  Bring your kids and your dog if you need to.  They’re welcome and they’ll have plenty to do.

Here’s the press release that will hit next week.  Welcome to Scale Faster.


SCALE FASTER Takes business from the GROUND to the cloud

Traditional Managed I.T. Changes Forever With New Clive Retail Space

Scale Faster of Des Moines, IA has reinvented the customer experience in one of the most draining issues for business owners – I.T.  With the launch of its new retail studio at 2035 100th St. in Clive, Scale Faster has created an environment where customers can get comfortable, ask questions, and learn how to shed the pain of I.T. forever.

The Scale Faster concept was developed from a deep desire to create a customer experience uncluttered by confusing technical jargon and a tired sales process.  By designing a complete solution “from the ground to the cloud,” the Scale Faster team’s prime directive is to listen.

“We’re in the business of pain relief and the psychological well being of business owners,” said Doug Mitchell, CEO of Scale Faster.  “In our target sector of customers from 1 to 100 employees, owners want to focus on value creation and growing their businesses and could care less about networks, storage, and backups. We give owners a way to never think about I.T. again.”

The retail space is designed with exploration and visual learning in mind. White boards line the walls and a 6’ x 3’, high-topped table with butcher paper ensure plenty of surfaces to visualize a company’s present and its future without the burden of I.T.

To help execute on the “Scale Faster Experience,” Mitchell assembled a team led by Michael C. Wagner, CEO of White Rabbit Group.  Wagner is a nationally known speaker and consultant on creating amazing customer experience.  “The customer experience begins with empathy,” said Wagner.  “Technology companies tend to see every customer as a nail since they have the coolest hammer.  The reality is that business owners don’t care about coolness.  They want to grow with less hassle and that’s what the Scale Faster experience is all about.”

Scale Faster can take care of customer owned equipment and networks or completely transition a business into the cloud – delivering applications and providing desktop access across any device and any location. The company’s Des Moines based data center currently serves customers throughout Iowa and the Midwest.

About Scale Faster

Scale Faster and the Scale Faster Studio is a service of pcCentral founded in 2004 as a Managed I.T. Services provider delivering application, email, and data hosting, disaster recovery, mobility, and backup solutions.  Scale Faster invites the community to leverage its studio to solve their own creative, design, or business challenges.






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