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All the I.T. Zombies Want To Do Is Eat Your Brain

Ok.  There’s a lot going on here with this excellent piece of music by Jonathan Coultin’s Re: Your Brains song. The song and video are very entertaining.

Let me give you my rundown of why Coulton’s approach matters to your business.

Coulton released this song under a Creative Commons license that allowed this song to be adapted into a great animated video.   Coulton understands the power of giving away great content to promote his brand and to unleash the creativity of others. There are numerous adaptions and iterations of his core work that have undoubtedly extended his reach massively beyond simply tooting his own horn.

Coulton relates his ideas and concepts (like brain eating zombies) in friendly simple terms.  “Heya Tom it’s Bob…from the office down the hall. Good to see you you been? Things have been ok for me except that I’m a Zombie now.” Chorus:  All we wanna do is eat your brains.” Ok, so the zombies are very pleasant but the underlying message is about meeting hell and all things wrong with the workplace.

Don’t take things like I.T. too seriously.  The Zombies are at the door and have a simple request Mrs. business owner…they just want to eat your brains. No big.  Remember the rules of Zombieland:

Number 8:  Get a Kick Ass Partner


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