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Apple Device Users Should Apply the iOS 6.1.2 Update

ios updateI have definitely noticed an increase in battery drain since iOS 6.1 came out a few short weeks ago.  At first it seemed subtle.  Then it seemed to pick and up and be obvious.  Yesterday I went from 100% to 0%  in about 6 hours.  Not normal.  There are some technical reasons about calendars and exchange servers that caused this -which you probably don’t care about.

Here’s an article explaining the back story of the update from the website.

Among our Scale Faster (pcCentral) users, I know there are quite a few iOS device users out there.  We just had one of our customers add iPads for their field team members a couple weeks ago and the more customer meetings we have, the more frequently I see iPhones and iPads.

So do yourself and your battery a favor – and apply this update.  I’d love to hear back if this changes your battery life.


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