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Are Job Descriptions the Key to Attracting Talent?

business-superheroI got this in my email today:

Yesterday, I received my usual LinkedIn email notifying me of jobs I may be interested in. I normally glance over the positions available to see what’s there and delete the email. Yesterday, I noticed that there was a position available for a Server Administrator & Data Center Wizard (emphasis THEIRS). Having a position where you can be called a wizard instantly intrigued me, and I started looking into your company more. I have read much of your website, and it seems like a very great place to work.

It is a great place to work and thank you.  If you read my job description, it does discuss a few bullets – but we’re about fit and culture first.  We don’t except that “there are just some employees you need to keep out of the customer’s eye.” Bull.  If you think I’m crazy or disagree I really want to hear from you.


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