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Are you an email filer or a searcher?

secure-emailI know that after years of using google products in my own business, I am an email searcher.  I just let things accumulate and when I need to find something, I rely on my memory of keywords and contacts to search for a conversation.  In the virtual world, this can lead to longer search times and huge outlook PST files (the whole mess of data including emails and attachments in your inbox is generally stored in what’s called a PST file) which can compromise performance. In a recent article, CBS News agreed with Lifehacker in stating,

Email programs are sufficiently advanced today that filing and organizing messages just makes them harder to find.

The article makes the point emphatically that…

The point is that any filing system depends upon you being able to remember the taxonomy you’ve created. The report about the Smith account? Is it in the folder you called Reports, or is it still in the In Progress folder? What about Archived Projects? Your ability to find stuff is only as good as your filing system, and even then, no system is perfect.

Agreed.  But in many cases thinking of the proper search term, word, or phrase can be equally as taxing to uncover that little gem of knowledge you’re searching for.

I know there’s not a right answer here and it’s personal preference.  I like the search method but I’m also really diligent about deleting old emails.  There has not been one instance in my working career that I’ve needed an email from 3 years back.  But if your business or reporting demands or legal requirements indicate a need for saving things forever…we’ve got you covered.


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