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Automation and Simplification in Business

We’re having an increasing number of small businesses come to us and say, “I’m overwhelmed, I can’t take it anymore…please help me get out of my personal hell.” As the I.T. pain relief solution in the mix, we are often the first stop on our customers’ quest to exorcise the demon. Why?

  1. We are used to complexity.  Often the mix of systems, processes, and software businesses cobbled together to make their lives “easier” have overtaken them and are now beyond comprehension.
  2. We are known for referring people abundantly.  No one can be good at everything.  Being greedy with knowledge serves no one.  We have a stable of amazing people we work with and we connect people with others passionately.
  3. Our Scale Faster Studio breeds collaboration.  If you haven’t been here – you should stop by.  We have miles of white board and different “areas of innovation” here where teams and groups can dissect processes, draw really basic stick people, and laugh a lot.

Simplify now and recapture your life.  If we can help, let us know.


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