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Biometric Security Adds New Layer of Protection to pc Central Small Business Private Cloud with Privaris Plus I.D.

Some businesses desire the kind of data security that’s mostly found in movies.  So unless you know someone who’s able to pull off Mission Impossible like “Thumb Print Grafting” or body part theft (steer clear of Las Vegas), pc Central’s biometric security option for its small business cloud computing environment is just the ticket.
pc Central uses the Privaris Plus I.D. unit which is very affordable and packs extreme security that your business may very well demand.  Besides the fact that only the printed/configured user can activate the thumbprint recognition, a unique password is created in that instant.  There are many more key features you can read about on the Privaris page, but pc Central can plop these units into your environment ahead of your deployment. Or, we can retro-fit current customer environments.
So just give us a call or fill out the contact form and let me know that you’re interested.
The pricing is straightforward and adds $129/unit upfront for the hardware and $9/month per unit (there’s server side connectivity and configuration that must be maintained.)
If you’re in financial services, medical fields, accounting, or in any business that desires the kind of security that will stop data theft in its tracks, ask us about adding Privaris to your environment.

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