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Can Branding Make a Difference In My Daily Work?

By Michael C. Wagner – Owner and All Around Awesome Guy at White Rabbit Group

For more than 15 years I have been asking business owners, managers and marketing professionals what their definition of “branding” might be.


Early on in this quest I discovered that every answer I was given was “right” from one
point of view or another. And THAT was the problem.

There are lots of ways to define “branding” but what organizational leaders want is an
simple, actionable and object means of talking about their company’s brand. They want
the organization’s brand to “apply” to everyone’s day to day work.

Minus that, these business professionals will…and do…find themselves advocating for
the importance of their company’s brand to no avail.

So let me take a stab at a definition of “branding” that practical minded managers and
business owners will find helpful.

I believe branding starts in the mind of the customer. It’s about how memories are
formed by the experiences customers have with your business.

Branding is what customers and clients remember when they remember your

Agree? Then we can move from the branded memories your customers have to the
experiences that formed those memories while doing business with you. And working
even farther back we can see the actions and decisions you and your colleagues have
been making are creating your brand for good or ill. But that seems too complicated. Let
me take another run at it.

Simply put…decisions you and your fellow employees make produce customer
experiences which result in lasting memories. And those lasting memories are
your brand.

Once you see this then you will recognize how important it is that everyone make
decisions aligned around the creation and delivery of what your company defines as its
branded experience.

Leaders who know this can begin to make their case for the practical importance of

And leaders who know this soon discover that there is not nearly enough company-wide
alignment around decisions to ensure you will be making the branded memories you
want and need to compete.

But that is a branding puzzle to solve on another day. Stay tuned.

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