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Common Small Business Back Up Mistakes

I’ve seen many of these and in the past have committed many of them myself.  At the end of the day, disaster recovery and data backup plans are essential for the continuity of your business.  If that sounds like crazy talk – then ignore the rest of this post.

Here are the most common things I see in small business back up

  1. No back up whatsoever. (obvious)
  2. A back up drive is sitting next to and is connected to the computer in question. (small level of protection but does nothing in a power surge situation or something happens to the facility.
  3. An online offsite back up solution like Carbonite or Mozy. These are effective for off-site back up but not for getting back to work quickly if something goes wrong with your machine or your facility.  You will still need to rebuild your local computing environment and wait until that back up gets “reconstituted” on your machine.  Could be a while.
  4. A drive or tape back up system where tapes should be taken home nightly. Yet, they are in a box or “behind”.  Bad news. Use it or lose it as they say.
Ultimately, you’ll need to decide how important “returning to normal” is to your business. Back ups are great for data but they won’t allow you to run to Best Buy, grab a $200 netbook, and be back in business 100% if you happen to the business office hit by a freak winter tornado.  I know. It’s like life insurance.  It’s not pleasant.  But the reality is that Murphy is chillin’ in your breakroom just like he is mine.

Do something proactive today.

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