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Consumerization of IT and the Ubiquitous Cloud

Gartner has made a prediction that the “personal cloud will replace the PC as the center of our digital lives by 2014.” The article discusses the shift to the broader consumer driven devices that fuel our digital lives.  Isn’t it amazing that within a few years, Blackberry lost its “yeah but we’re the BFF of IT departments” argument and became yesterday’s news as iPhones were PUSHED into corporate America by the millions who said, “These phones are so much better than the others do whatever it takes to make them happen.”

Check out the MEGATRENDS that Gartner lists.

  1. Consumerization
  2. Virtualization (we’re in this business and agree wholeheartedly Gartner)
  3. App-ification
  4. The Self-Service Cloud
  5. Mobility (anything anywhere)

More and more consumer devices, especially Apple devices, are being plugged into corporate life.  It’s all part of the decentralization of IT power and the move into the cloud.

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