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Death of the Server and the Desktop

We recently decided to drop a product offering (local machine backup) because:

  1. There are great companies who desktop backup far better than we – far cheaper.  (We now send our customers/partners to BackBlaze – check it out).
  2. Desktop backup still implicitly endorses that the desktop computer has a place in the future of computing.
  3. Our core purpose has become even clearer:  No Servers AND Hardware Neutrality.

The deeper we dig into some core markets for us, we still hear a common theme:  We are at risk from poor backups and we still have no real disaster recovery plan. 

Stay tuned for more on this crusade.  Until then, consume this article “The Building is the New Server.”

Here’s how it opens:

The personal computer is dead. As quickly as we moved from the desktop to the laptop, we are moving to the tablet — never to return. With the death of the PC, an entire ecosystem dies with it. The chipset is ARM based, rather than Intel. The operating system is all iOS and Android, rather than Windows. The applications are hosted cloud apps like Box, Google Apps, and Evernote rather than Sharepoint, Office and Outlook.

While you may not “be there” yet with regard to complete abandonment of traditional software and hardware – having a guide to chart the course with you is highly desirable.

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