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Did You Hear About the Homeland Security Warning Concerning Java?

Here’s what we had to say to our customers –

The Scale Faster (powered by pcCentral) team hopes you had an amazing and recharging weekend.  Ours was a little hectic.  Here’s why.

An alert went out from the Department of Homeland Security that there was an issue with Java (no need to know what this is but it’s an element in many websites and software programs you may use.  There was a vulnerability that could lead to trouble on quite a large scale.  Their recommendation:  Disable java immediately.
We deployed our critical action protocol and did just that.
What this means for you:  

You may not notice a thing.  However, you may notice that some functionality on websites in session (in your virtual desktop provided by us) have “pieces which don’t work”.    This is a temporary side effect.  If there’s something mission critical in your world which does NOT work and you need help, please contact support
You may want to do this on your local PC.  Here’s an article explaining how to do that.  We’re reading that a fix may be near – but we’ll reactivate Java only after it’s deemed safe.  Most everyone has computers at home too – and you may want to take action.

Thanks again for your business  and we promise to be part of the solution – no matter the challenge.


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