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Digi-Know – About Heat, and What’s Hot and What’s Not

WOW…Who turned up the furnace?  Expecting a week of 100+ again, and it is starting to get to everyone.  And then there is my crazy tech-mate Brian, who decides to take the week off and go ride RAGRAI in this sauna.  I think you are nuts, buddy…but I do wish you and all of the others a safe ride and please keep hydrated.  I am guessing you will be at least ten pounds lighter after this.
Speaking of heat and outdoors, remember to take any electronic devices inside when you exit your auto.  The single biggest foe of electronics is heat, internal and/or external.  I have toasted one of my laptops by leaving it sit on the seat of the car, so it CAN happen.  And being an animal lover, I hope I don’t have to say anything to anyone about not leaving your pets in the cars for any amount of time.
And now for what’s hot.  The new Google Nexus 7 tablet is very nice.  Made by ASUS, this is a great little all purpose tablet that can fit the pocket or purse with ease, and still not strain the eyes.  Fast CPU, beautiful screen, and ASUS quality.  $200 and a memoried up version for $250.  If you liked your Kindle, you will love this.  The best part about this, is that it doesn’t have any stupid skin over the new Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) OS.  Just a lean, mean computing machine.  And yes, I know that the i-Cult is tossing around a  7.8″ mini i-Pad, but until it ships, the Nexus 7 is the only game to consider.  And if you want the i-Pad mini if/when it comes out, I bet you will have no problem finding a buyer for your Nexus.
Now the down side of this weeks Digi-Know…Malware.  The last couple of months have seen some of the worst virus and malware attacks ever.  From DNS corruption to BIOS strangling viruses, it seems the code-kiddies are on the rampage.  Please, take a few minutes and download your latest virus patterns and updates for the software you are all, or should all be running, and run full scans regularly.  We had a couple of our clients who were shut off with the government crackdown on DNS Changer virus, so I can promise you that it is easier to scan that to fix.
So, I guess the point of all of this is…Stay cool inside.  And since you will want to be inside, maybe order yourself a new 7″ tablet, and scan your devices for unfriendlies.  And cheer on the RAGBAI’ers.

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