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Digi-Know – BYOD, Printers, and other Geeky Stuff

A lot of great things going on in the pcCentral world this week, so I thought i would just comment on a few of the things i have been involved with, or overheard.

BYOD  – It seems to be one of the hot buzzwords in the business world right now.  Bring Your Own Device involves the wonderful new possibilities that exist in how you might interface with your working world.  People are now working on everything from phones to tablets to computers, to sitting in your home,  all comfy in your Double-Bubba sized recliner and working on your huge LED TV.

Confusing? Not really if you are in the pcCentral world.  Everyone is talking about all of the new devices  and how they can or can’t bring them into their office domain.  Strategies and security policies and blah, blah, blah…on and on.  All of that has a place, but in the pcCentral world, we use those devices to get you into your data using secure apps and secure pipelines.  We have people using iPods, iPads, iPhones, Mac this or that, PC’s, notebooks, netbooks, a whole host of Android and Windows based devices, and yes, some of you still even go into an office and sit down to a computer!  The key thing to keep in mind when you read or hear about this, is that you will use these devices to connect to pcCentral through a secure connection into a virtual workspace.  This means that the issues that you might hear about have already been dealt with in coming to pcCentral.  A lot of words for “It will be OK”.

PRINTERS – I am not going into huge detail on this subject, except to say that when/if you are looking for a new printer/multifunction device for your home or office, and you would like to be able to get the most of your investment you should look for models with these features:

  • Network capability
  • Drivers for your computer, as well as Windows Server 2008
  • Scan to FTP – for Multifunction devices

With these features you will get the most functionality for use inside and outside the pcCentral environment.

What Happened to My Spreadsheet – We have been hearing more of this lately.  Clients who migrate from Office 2003 or earlier will call with a few things they don’t understand, like:

“If I double-click on my document from the old version, it asks if I want to try to convert it, but if I open the program and then open the file, it doesn’t ask.”
That is because by default the old version file has to know what it will use to open it and MS has chosen to us an intermediary app to ask you and then decide.  When you open a .xls from 2003, within version 2010, it will automatically us that version and convert on-the-fly.

“Where is my data? I converted one of my spreadsheets to 2010 and it is now only a fraction of the orignal size.  Where did it lose my data?”
You didn’t lose your data.  It has been converted to the new format where there is much  less size needed for the overhead used to make the file work.  Check your data, it is still there…and it will usually open much faster.
If you have more of these questions, give us a shout, (electronically, please) and we will try to make it all make sense to you.  It is what we do!
More next week…

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