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Digi-Know – Help in cleaning up your local PC

Tired of powering up your computer and having it act like it’s on downers?  Hate seeing the tons of apps that seem to have just appeared over time?  Read the newly posted PCMAG.COM article on The Best Tuneup Utilities.  They have done a pretty good job of finding solutions that should help most people at prices that do include FREE.  That magic number that we all like. Take a special look at the review of SlimWare Utilities, as it gets very good reviews for a free application.  I could rehash it all, but they did a good job on the reviews, so just go read it.  You will find the review at:,2817,2371155,00.asp
BTW, Remember to go clean up your email folders.  Repairing 10gb mail folders is a painful, time consuming, client delaying job.  We will both be the better for it.
And have a great weekend!

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