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Digi-Know – “It couldn’t happen to me”…and then it does

A couple of weeks ago on a Monday night at just before midnight, I walked out my back door to enjoy some evening air.  But that night I was greeted by something different.  The exterior walls of all of the neighborhood houses were flashing with lights of several colors, and then I heard noises, loud noises.  About then my phone buzzed me with a text from my Son telling me the Condos by us were on fire.

I went around the corner and this is what I saw.  Fire and Police crews running everywhere, and the people who lived in these units were standing across the street watching their lives change, from something they had no idea might happen.  I was watching the crews do their great work, making sure everyone was out of the building.  People were milling about checking for each other.  Cars were pulling up and people jumping out, running to make sure their loved-ones got out.
I stood back, out of the way, watching the event take place, and decided that I should get back to the house and out of the way.  When I got back to my house, I started processing all that I had seen while at the site, and then it hit me.  The people in the parking lot, watching the fire, had brought their “important stuff” with them.  And that was only two things, Their kids, and computers (laptops)!  No photos, no documents, nothing that was impossible to replace but kids and computers.  One youg man wandered around in the parking lot with his laptop in a death-grip in his arms, looking like he was totally lost.
After I thought about it all a little more, I said to myself that if they had pcCentral, they could have taken their kids and other things that didn’t have to fit in a computer with them and not have a moments worry about data and documents.  And then I started thinking about what our customers have said over the years.  “I planned my wedding on pcCentral while on a trip”, “We designed our Son’s graduation cards and sent them to the printer from session”, “I track my investments in pcCentral session while I am gone”.  pcCentral is so much more than just a connection to your “stuff”.  Beyond backups, malware and virus protection, data storage, remote connectivity and more, pcCentral is helping people bring all parts of their world together, with peace of mind.

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