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Digi-Know – New iPads and Old QuickBooks

The New iPad. It might have enough to make a convert of an Android user
First, I have to say that this really is me.  Those who know me will doubt this when they read what I am about to type next…
At 11pm on March 15th, I was one of the crazies waiting in line at Wally World for a New iPad!  Yes, I am the guy who has a rooted Nook Color, Android phone(s), just gave a Kindle Fire to a friend, and is generally quite satisfied with Android for my needs and general uses.  I typically would tell those who ask for an opinion on what to buy, to swing towards the little green guy.  But this is something different.  I must say that I do not hate all things Apple.  I own an 80gb iPod, and we have several i-devices in our home, but I have never seen the value in spending the extra for them…until now.
With a price tag of just under $500 for the base unit, the New iPad (That is what it is now called) has finally added the things that make it a good bang-for-the-buck device.  It is faster, visually fantastic thanks to the screen it really desserves, has increased the camera specs and lots of other goodies.  It remains to be seen, as to  whether or not it will work out for my needs, but I am willing to give this one a try.  I am hoping the increased image depth will allow it to work better in the Remote Desktop world I live in.  Until now, the desktop has been skewed and not nearly as functional as something like 2X on an ASUS Transformer Prime (an Android 10″ tablet with great performance and features for the same price as the New iPad).
Alas…it was not to be.  While I was at Walmart at 8pm, they told me that they had “lots of them” referring to the new Apple wonder gem.  For those who wonder what “lots of them” means to a Walmart Electronics Geek…it is 5 units.  When I walked back into the store before 11pm, there were already 10 guys waiting on the possible 5 units.  They were steeped in conversation about the wonderous features of the new device and pondering things like “I wonder if Best Buy will open early to sell the 6 units they have?”   I can’t believe this spawned an impromptu debate on the economic feasibility of opening a store early and staffing it to sell 6 of anything.  At this point I headed home thinking that I could wait for my first sip of the Cupertino KoolAid.

Time for QuickBooks 2009 users to upgrade to QB2012
From Intuit:
On May 31, 2012, software support for QuickBooks 2009 will be discontinued. Your payroll services are valid only when you are on a currently supported version of QuickBooks. (This also applies to your pcCentral support of QuickBooks)
After May 31, 2012, your payroll tax calculations will be incorrect, you will not be able to senddirect payroll deposits, and you will not be able to complete any payroll forms.
To ensure your payroll calculations are accurate and your payroll services continue without interruption, please purchase and register a supported version of QuickBooks before May 31, 2012.
Your pcCentral support also depands on our ability to get answers from Intuit on QuickBooks questions, so we also require a supported version in our environment. Pleas call oe email us if you would like help with this process.

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