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Digi-Know – Putting that Beach Body on Those Fat Images

Anything that takes digital pictures today can produce larger images than usually needed for viewing on a web page or on most monitors.  An overly large image might cause more work and frustration that needed.  The image ban slow down the page load, transfer time across the Internet, and wasted space on your servers.  If you email images to people, overly large images can add serious bulk to your email folder, causing speed issues while working.  Transferring large images can really slow down your Internet speeds.  This post is all about putting these big images on a diet.

Fotosizer ( is a fast and user-friendly way to quickly reduce the size of a single image or a large list of images.

Using Fotosizer on your local computer, and then using the FTP Folder tool provided for your pcCentral session will allow you to save time and improve speed of transfer.  Simply drag and drop your image(s) into the box in the Fotosizer program, pick your desired size and output folder, and then click to convert.  From there, you can open your pcCentral FTP Folder tool and drop the newly down-sized images in the transfer folder.  In a very short time, your sleek, new images will be available in your pcCentral session.  From there you can add them to your project, attach them to your email messages or whatever else you might need.
The crew at pcCentral is working on new and inventive ways to make your in-session experience better by aiding you with tools like Fotosizer and the FTP Folder tool.

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