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Digi-Know – Spring Cleaning Benefits Everyone

It is that time again!  A couple of times per year, we ask you to look at your email and data folders to see if you can throw out some of the items that are hanging around “just because”.  You know, the things like the emails in your “Sent Items” folder where you replied “OK” to someone who asked if you want to meet for lunch.  Or the crazy large picture attachments to an email where someone has sent you a picture from  And don’t forget the other end of the chain, where you forwarded it to twenty of your friends (individually, so they don’t think you are “One of THOSE people”).

When we get questions about email speed, it seems like it is always from a client who has thousands of email messages.  And also remember that if you put them in Deleted Items, and never empty it, it is still taking up space and speed in your email application.  [Shift] + [Delete] is your friend.  It will completely delete the message(s) and you can move on.

Another thing we frequently see are files that people bring to their pcCentral sessions when they are new, that they have no idea why they brought them.  Including program files for applications that they no longer run, files generated from long gone word processing programs, saved solitaire games, recipes for things they know they will never try, etc.  It is like the Island of Misfit Toys of the data world.  When we ask about them, they usually laugh and say they have no idea why that is there.

Pleas, if you could take a few minuts and give your files a virtual dusting-off, it would really benefit all of us.  And maybe we will send you a digital happy face!

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