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Digi-Know – TGINF – Email Housekeeping and Desktop Speeds

While looking at our support desk call history, we have noticed three areas that could use a little helpful discussion. A little information in these areas can help you be more efficient and minimize some minor annoyances that we hear about. These are general areas that apply to most all computer users, pcCentral or not.

TGINF – Thank goodness its NOT Friday… for Passwords
Please do not change your password on Friday. You will get reminders to change your pcCentral password, starting 10-14 days before the change deadline of 42 days. Many people are in “TGIF-mode” on Friday afternoon and decide that they will change their password and generally tidy up while winding down for the weekend. Then on Monday we get calls from clients who can’t reme mber their new password. We suggest that you change passwords earlier in the week, so that you will get some logons under your belt to help commit the new password to memory.
While we are on the subject of passwords…please remember that pcCentral requires strong passwords. This means you need to keep a few things in mind when choosing passwords:

      • Passwords need to be at least 8 characters long
      • You can not use your name as a substantial part of your password
      • You must use a minimum of 3 or the 4 character types (upper case, lower case, numbers, and special characters – ex: !$%)

Keeping Your Email House Clean
Cleaning the uneeded email out of your Outlook mail will make loading and searching your mail much faster. Remember to delete any mail that you no longer need, and then remember to empty the deleted items. Don’t forget your Sent Items folder and those Drafts that are auto-created and then not used.

Keeping Files in the Proper Places
Many people do not understand that every document, spreadsheet, image, pdf, etc. that you store on your desktop will actually slow down your processes. All data files should be stored in My Documents (same as your H: drive) or on one of your shared drives (usually S:). You can put shortcuts to these files/folders on your desktop, making it the same number of clicks to open, but since your local machine profile will be much smaller, it will be much faster to load and search. Each time you you make a call to the desktop (logon or returning to the desktop. This will also ensure that your get those files in the backup queue for the several times per day that we backup your data.

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