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Digi-Know – Using Keyboard Shortcuts Can Ease Your Workload

I find it interesting, the number of people who stop me while I am helping them and say something like “What did you do to make that box come up?” or “How did you delete all of those emails without putting them in the deleted emails folder?”  I tell them that most of what we do on a daily basis can be done in different ways, and that I am using keyboard shortcuts.

Some people live by the mouse or pointing device, while others want nothing to do with them.  Some will cut & paste up a storm while creating documents,  and others will type everything out.  No matter what Internet Browser you use, there will be many ways to get to the same result. For me, keyboard shortcuts make my day much easier. Here is a list of common shortcuts to get you started, or refresh your mind with some you may have forgotten.

If you have some that make you a happier keyboard commando, drop us a message and we might just add it to the list.
Commonly Used Shortcuts

      • Alt + Tab (toggles between programs)
      • Windows button + M (show desktop, i.e., minimize all windows)
      • Windows button + Tab (show all active windows in task bar)
      • Windows button (opens applications menu)
      • Ctrl + Z (undo last operation)
      • Ctrl + Y (redo last operation)
      • Crtl + O (open file)
      • Crtl + S (save)
      • Ctrl + W (close active window or file)
      • Crtl + Q (quit application)

Copy-and-Pasting Toolkit

      • Ctrl + A (select all in active window; e.g., select all text on page)
      • Ctrl + X (cut to clipboard)
      • Ctrl + C (copy)
      • Ctrl + V (paste)
      • PrtScn (save screen capture to clipboard; “paste” the image into an image-editing program to make it into a file)
      • Alt + PrtScn (saves active item screen capture to clipboard; “paste” the image into an image-editing program to make it into a file)

Browser Shortcuts

      • Ctrl + T (open a new tab)
      • Ctrl + Shift + t (reopens the tab you last closed; works multiple times)
      • F5 (reload page)
      • Backspace (go to previous page; works multiple times)
      • Ctrl + Tab (cycle between tabs)

Find, Select, and Navigate Text

      • Ctrl + F (find; helpful if you’re searching for a particular word on a website or document)
      • Ctrl + Shift + down arrow (select until end of line)
      • Ctrl + Shift + up arrow (select until beginning of line)
      • Ctrl + Home (move cursor to top/start of document)
      • Ctrl + End (move cursor to bottom/end of document)

Watch for more keyboard shortcuts for other browsers and perhaps even a list for Mac users!

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