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Digi-Know – When do I buy a new Computer?

Windows XP, we knew ye well.  After a life cycle of well over 10 years, Microsoft is sending their most successful desktop operating system home to be with the previous good and bad memories of older systems.  On  April 8th, 2014 Microsoft will officially bury Windows XP, but they have already started to withhold life support. Many will say (myself included) that they should throw Windows Vista into the coffin with XP, but that wouldn’t be fair to poor ol’ XP.  Many of the drivers for XP are not ported forward to the Win7 world.  A wide variety of new devices no longer come with drivers or support for XP, forcing you to consider upgrading.

What does this mean for people tryng to figure out when to jump, and buy those new computers for the office or home?  Well, now is a good time to jump in with both feet.  Microsoft is just about ready to launch Windows 8, an operating system that most consider is geared for the individual user, and may not find itself well accepted in the business world.  That means there are deals to be found in companies wanting to move systems with Win7.  They will get pushed heavily by MS to opt-in to the new Win8 world.  It will also make buying the newer peripherals (printers, scanners, ultra sweet new video possibilities, etc.) much easier.

So be prepared to throw a rose on the coffin, and say a fond good bye to a solid old operating system, and then go join the baby shower for one of the new kids on the block.

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