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Does Your Sales Pitch Begin with “My product is really hard to describe so bear with me?”

If you feel that your product/solution is very complex and that to “truly deliver the value equation you need at least 15-60 minutes to explain it,” I think you need to reconsider.  I was presented to recently and that’s how the conversation opened.  After 60 seconds, I knew exactly what the company’s value proposition was, what they did, and how amazingly valuable their service was.  The details didn’t mean jack to me.  This company doesn’t have a product problem.  It has a marketing/messaging problem.

Just because your product is highly nuanced and complicate doesn’t mean you need to muck up the message.  

I immediately began running elevator pitches and simplifications for this product in a spare cerebral thread.  It’s an amazing solution, has no barrier to entry except “inaction”, and saves money with almost no effort on behalf of the business owner.  Simple right?

Simple if you know your right customer.


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