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Doug Mitchell Assumes CEO Role in Des Moines Managed IT Services Firm


Mitchell upends Iowa Cloud Computing Market by Offering $10 per user per month in recurring affiliate commissions

How’s that for a headline? Very third person’y eh? It seems fitting that when assuming the helm of a company that it would be a cloud computing – virtualization firm in my hometown for which I feel much love.  So PC Central has been around for quite some time.  It began as a break-fix IT support firm.  Later, the company moved into providing managed IT services.  What does that mean these days?

  • Well, let’s say your a startup or small business up to about 50 users or you have a need for a pool of virtual development instances which can be flexed up or down at your convenience.
  • You want IT to be a subtracted from your daily operations pain equation.
  • You want a solid disaster recovery plan including thrice daily backups (anytime I can sneak in thrice I’m on it).
  • You want access anywhere anytime from any device.
  • You want to ensure that you never have to perform an upgrade, your email is hosted and hits all your smart phones.
  • You need to move your office and the thought of moving all that IT infrastructure makes you ill.
  • You want one 888 number for all things I.T.
  • You must have the confidence of a rock solid data center with the native capacity to 4X the amount of instances we have running before we strain our hardware. (We’ll upgrade well in advance of that but you get the point.)
  • You absolutely love the idea that you can get into our service at $65/month per seat with NO contract AND we’ll get you up and running with no set up fees (that’s right) and we’ll do it on a handshake so you can try before you buy.

I’m clearly differentiating our firm from the small crowd that does this kind of work here in town – but what I’m offering is far more.  Clearly this type of virtual infrastructure will head toward commodity.  So besides offering delighters and WOW’s! I’m also committing that we’ll become THE most prolific business improvement resources your firm will ever know.  We’ll deliver content, courses, working laboratories, webcasts, podcasts, live streaming events and more utilizing the best of the best resources to make you better every day.  In turn, you’ll be able to help your clients get better every day and you can take the credit.

Oh and that $10 per user referral bonus lasts for the life of the user as long as you bring us at least 1 seat per year – and our customers typically stay with us indefinitely so that’s means a consistent stream of mailbox money – it’s my way of saying, “I’m so happy you helped build our business that I’d like to pay your cell phone bill, your car payment, your house payment, or fund your retirement.”

Clearly, a 50 seat referral starts putting 6 GRAND per year in your pocket.  Ask your husband or wife or business partner if they’d like that every year until the kids graduate college (then the money’s all yours.)

So in summary, I’m extremely pleased to have assumed my first “non my own company” CEO role and I’m going to rock this party.  First Iowa – then the world! (OK maybe Nebraska). Please help me dot this PC Central customer location google maps mashup with little green arrows and force me to change the zoom level to see the whole state.  Thank you so much.



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