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Eliminating the Suck

How many things do you do in your business that suck the life and resources out of your company, your life, your brain?  List them off.  Now, figure out a way to eliminate them.  Duh right?  But while my thinking is not revolutionary, (if you want a great book on this read “The Pumpkin Plan”) I bet you still have quite a long list.

What services do you provide/offer that demand that you the business owner are in the trenches, taking the calls…being the brand…instead of building a business that can sustain and grow without your “touch” on everything?

We recently reminded ourselves of this and have decided to cut a couple things that when analyzed – are a net loss.   You might question this in the context of creating an amazing customer experience and doing whatever it takes to satisfy.  However, we can serve our right customer in amazing ways that wow when we focus on delivering the services and products we are absolutely the best at.

I’d love to chat with you about what things you can cut from your lineup to re-energize you and your team.

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