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Event Space in Des Moines

mike wagner and doug mitchell at collaboration tableIf you’re like me, for years you constantly had to seek out new partners and relationships to find space to hold events.  Whether it’s lunch and learns, seminars, conferences, training sessions, or casual meetings – the Scale Faster Studio is ready for you.

  • The space has over 30 feet of white board and has 60″ and 70″ LED TV’s which you can connect to wirelessly to display your content.
  • The ideal max group size is probably 20 for educational events and up to 40 for more social events.
  • The space is really available if you’d like to drop in and have a meeting with a client/potential client as well.
  • We have a 6 foot butcher block with 36 inch wide paper to actively and visually collaborate.
  • We have great coffee and we’ll even bake you cookies.

Stop by and explore the next time you’re event planning in Des Moines and we’ll get to know one another.

white board at scale faster studio


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