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Finding Qualified People Number One Challenge for Small Businesses

Are you shocked to hear that SMB’s can’t find the talent they need in this market?  I was too about 2 years ago.  Now I get it.  With all the calamity in the economy a big percentage of the “can do” crowd has decided to gain job security by having 20 employers, i.e. become self-employed.  Another percentage have given up.  What remains is made up of great people who haven’t found the right gig yet and may not understand how the economy is self-selecting today.  More on that later.

So what’s the trick Doug?  How do I recruit and retain the right people I need today?

That will be the topic of one of the first sessions we put on at PC Central.  What does this have to do with Managed I.T. Services? Everything.  If you hire right and retain the best employees you’ll grow.  When you grow you add seats.  When you add seats we get incrementally more revenues and smiles.

Your business may be behind on its I.T. infrastructure, backup, disaster planning, hardware, etc. but you’re just as likely to be behind on recruiting techniques, technology, and trends.

We’ll give you the strategies and tactics you need to get ahead of the hiring curve, build a funnel of talent you can tap at any time, and build a bench of talent that may preclude you from hiring in some positions which are best outsourced (if you only knew someone who could ______________)

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Don’t let them eat your brain.


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