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Firing Up the Karma Machine in Managed Services

Today we met with a prospect to chat about pain.  This summary represents a victory for us because we’re delivering on our promise to bring him more value than he can possibly expect.

  • We’ve been guiding him in ways to become more efficient in his I.T. operations, doing research on his enterprise software solutions (he told us he wants to switch).
  • We offered to do a full “I.T. Wellness” examination.
  • Oh and we gave him a contact to explore some additional Internet connectivity options at his facility.
  • We discovered that this future customer experienced data loss recently which cost huge amounts of time and re-entering data.
  • We’re advising him on which Quickbooks version to buy and how using it in the cloud means even more efficiency between he and his accountant.
  • He’s also being held hostage a bit by their current enterprise software provider which we’re going to liberate him from at no charge.
  • He described his experience with his current I.T. vendors as “ehhh ok.”  Not cool.

Our goal is to get into the trenches and solve problems.  We know that by investing in true exploration of customer pain…we can set him free.

He spent time in the Scale Faster Studio today as well and in his words, “I get it.”

What more can we ask for?  He gets it.  We get it.  Positive vibes make positive vibes.  Call it Karma.  Call it what you want.  It’s how we roll.  Will he become a customer?


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