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Fong’s Pizza Closure A Reminder to Be Prepared

water main breakNo one can prepare you or your business from a water main break.  Here’s a quote from the Des Moines Register article about the situation (I’d link to the article but they typically don’t want their content linked to without paying so the link would expire anyway.  Different post…)

A water main burst Tuesday evening under Fourth Street, flooding the basements of several businesses and apartments. At Fong’s, the flood wiped out the restaurant’s major equipment, including its walk-in cooler, freezers, dough mixer and computer systems. More than 6 feet of water stood in the hip hangout’s basement, Epps said.

No matter what this situation will result in downtime and lost revenue.  But stop and think:  What if this happened to me?  Let’s hope that there was back up in place and that critical business systems and data are recoverable.  A water main breakage is probably MORE likely than a direct hit from a tornado…but each seems far fetched…Until they happen.

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