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Great Data on Savings from Cloud Computing

There’s a great new article that popped up out of nowhere on USA Today titled “Unplugged:  Got Cloud?”  The piece discusses a study that was just released with this money quote,

…cloud computing allows U.S. businesses to slash their information technology costs by about 26%. What’s more, 62% of those same American companies say that deploying in the cloud improved their bottom lines.

We know this.  We feel this.  But this survey of 1300 companies put some more meat behind it.  Yes the study was commissioned by Rackspace an amazing cloud infrastructure provider so you can discount or poo poo the data if you choose but this looks solid to me.

The overall industry for cloud computing is also growing off the hook.

Gartner, the industry research consultant, predicts that the total public cloud market could swell to more than $206 billion in 2016, roughly double from where it is now.

Pretty staggering and we’re happy to be a part of this space and really happy that we pay attention to the sector which needs this most.



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