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I.T. Silent Killers

The Often Overlooked Usually Discounted Typically Under Measured I.T. Silent Killers

Sometimes it’s tough to bite the bullet and envision a full cloud computing solution in your business because of a monthly recurring investment.  The most common comparison we see is the “let’s see what we spent on our I.T. guy last year.”

As a business leader, I’m all about saving cash, saving time, and not upping my monthly nut.  However, in I.T. there are quite a few silent killers that most often tweak cost comparison into Apples vs Kumquats.   Here are some factors that level the playing field.


  • The value of working remotely anywhere anytime with all your apps, docs, data, programs, and network.
  • The morale boost of having all remote employees on your company network and platform.
  • The reliability of enterprise backup 3x daily.
  • The time to set up a new user with credentials to login on any device is minutes.
  • The ability for you to allow your employees to use their own computers or devices to work. (Frequently called BYOD – Bring your own device)
  • The ability to use Macs, PCs, iPads, Androids, Thin Clients, Chromebooks, and just about any other disposable computing device to work.
  • The value of having the capability to be fully operational in case your building isn’t there when you show up in the morning with no computing downtime.
  • The security of knowing that your I.T. has moved from a variable expense to a stable operating expense that only incrementally rises and falls if you grow or contract.
  • The value of never buying another server again – ever.
  • The savings of never buying server software, backup software, or paying licensing fees ever again.
  • The value of never buying MSFT Office or Server software again – ever.
  • The benefit of knowing you’re not locked into a contract whatsoever.
  • The benefit of having a built in help-desk to call for any and all I.T. issues included.
  • The bonus of having unlimited storage forever.
  • The beauty of never receiving mystery bills from an I.T. company that you dislike.
  • The power of knowing you have an innovative partner on your side to help you navigate the future.

Once you’ve factored in the often intangible “others” – you’ll have a clear basis to make your decision to either invest in owned I.T. or to move I.T. into the set it and forget it mode.

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