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In 2014 Workload Processed In Cloud Will Exceed That of Corporate Data Centers

There’s a great piece from Forbes on the transition from managing one’s own data center infrastructure to putting it into the cloud titled Cisco: Cloud Will Soon Handle Most Data Center Workloads.

As a small or medium sized company owner, you should forget all the clutter and hubbub about “The Cloud” and focus in on the quote below from the article.

This means it’s time for IT and business leaders need to recognize the changing relationship technology has with their organizations. IT no longer is a “department” somewhere in the building that runs the reports and keeps the lights on in the server room.  Rather, it is evolving into a broker of services that need to be provisioned, on demand, as the business changes and expands in current markets or moves into new markets. IT’s role is to help the business determine and identify whether the services the business needs at that moment are available from the organization’s own IT resource network, or if they need to be secured from outside networks.

Since the I.T. department is you – the key takeaway is that computer infrastructure is here to serve you.  The article uses the word “broker” and when I hear broken my mind thinks commodity.

How about you?

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