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Introducing the Transfer Folder

One of the biggest complaints about our service that we hear from our customers is how difficult it is to transfer files out of session into session. For example, some customers might edit photos out of session and then want to bring the photos into session, before today there’s no good quick and easy way to do this. I’m happy to announce that today, we’ve implemented a solution that gets around how difficult it is to get those files into session.

With this new solution you’ll be able to transfer files that you might have out of session easily into session in a blink of an eye. If you have a coworker that doesn’t use a pcCentral session that you often email files back and forth to you can put them in the Transfer folder allowing you both to access the file and not worry about sending the file back and forth. If you use a scanner that is internet connected with a scan to FTP feature you can even get the scanner configured to scan right to the Transfer folder making scanning an easy process to deal with. There’s a million different ways a simple feature like this can improve our customers productivity and I’m excited to see how customers use the Transfer folder.

How are we doing this? With a folder that we’re putting on every customers computer that’s labeled as the ~Transfer folder. To find the folder quickly just go to My Computer > Your Company Network Drive. To get this rolled out to our customers easily our new guy, Chris will be contacting customers to implement the Transfer Folder out of session (Requires configuration to work out of session).

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