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Is 2020 the Tipping Point for Free Agents?

You need to read this piece on which makes reports on findings from various reports which state:

More than half of the U.S. workforce, 70 million people, will be independent workers by 2020

The future of work will look very different and owners/managers of companies will need to catch up on all the great material out there on motivation, Results Oriented Workplaces, and how the brain really works (and how the traditional work day and workplace aren’t necessarily what’s needed for success.

Remember, utilizing free agents can be liberating and expanding to your organization.  In my past work in the recruiting sector, I found that many companies who want to hire – really shouldn’t.  There’s confusion over the role, the job description, what the employee would do day-to-day, etc.  The idea scenario would be contracting and finding unique niche workers on a budget that works and for a shorter term engagement.  Making the wrong hire has monetary costs but also gives considerable angst to employees and stakeholders, not to mention the opportunity cost of what you could have done with those resources.

If you’re a small firm under 50 people – how do you feel about the future of work?  Do you understand the tools and technology required for effective and productive remote workers, contractors, or even (gasp) employees?  The Zombies are at the door.  Don’t let them in.

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