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Is LinkedIn Ruining the Endorsement?

Out of the blue I started getting endorsements from quite a few people for a particular skill I have presented in their world over time.  I was pretty stoked the first 2 times.  But then the third LinkedIn Endorsement came in from someone I haven’t worked with in quite some time.  “Hum…what’s this about?”

I logged in and was presented with a box at the top of the screen (you can’t miss it) where I was being prompted to endorse various people for skills. I started clicking and X’ing out those who were a stretch to me, and I just kept going and going and going.  As I clicked away I thought about the millions of people who are seeing the same thing I am.  Is everyone doing a “mass endorse” of their LinkedIn base…perhaps in an effort to give a little to get a little?

The written endorsements on LinkedIn are perhaps a good indicator of performance in the past but I know just as many people who say they hold no water.  “Hey endorse me and I’ll endorse you” quid pro quo’s have been in play forever.  Are all of your endorsements earned and unsolicited?

This may have been one step closer to LinkedIn becoming too wide, too spammy, too “overused by everyone” to have value in the market.  I’m not projecting the demise of this powerhouse and as one of the first 10k signups for the service, I still use it and admire its business model.  But if we’re just “liking” everyone’s skills…are we not in a way publicly and socially diminishing them?

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