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Is Your Business Doing More With Less?

It’s likely that you are doing more with less as the economic calamity of the last X years percolates.  Did you know however that doing less IS more?

This great piece in the Harvard Business Revenue does an excellent job of explaining the law of diminishing returns.  If you’re working 18 hours/day, losing sleep, are stressed, and don’t exercise…you’re fooling yourself in terms of productivity.

Most survey’s show that the average productive time of an office dwelling worker is 4 hours at best with a little over 2 hours more likely.   Think about it.  When have you been “in the flow” and 2 hours evaporated like that…POOF!

Then think of times when you’re running around moving from task to email to call to research to writing to (what was I doing again???)  Read this article and get clear on what true productivity means in your business and what spending time on what MATTERS might look like.

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