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Join us at the 2012 ABI Conference in Des Moines June 14-15 #ABIcon12

If you’re not an IowaABI member you’re missing out. ABI is the most politically active and power packed association in our great state.  Here’s the deal.

ABI booked Jim Collins, author of some of the most lauded business books in history (his latest is Great by Choice) as its keynote speaker on Friday along with Gino Wickman, author of Traction: Get a Grip On Your Business (you can buy separate tickets just to hear Collins and Wickman.)  The line up of breakouts and talks on Thursday the 14th is massive and has 3 separate tracks to keep you focused on your area of interest.

pcCentral will be streaming live audio and video interviews with ABI members and attendees, the breakout leaders, and the speakers.  You will NOT miss us as you enter the breakout session area.  Watch for lots of LCD flat panels and a few more secrets that I can’t reveal.  Let’s just say this:  We’re going big with the idea that business owners should refocus on activities that create value and avoid things (like managing IT for instance) which suck the life from your brain. We’ll help you diagnose some areas you’ll want to target for improvement.  It’s all about Business Owner Wellness.  

You can attend the entire conference as a non-ABI member – it just costs a bit more.  There’s NO better place to build relationships and business connections in one place.  They are expecting a HUGE crowd so please attend and I’d say consider joining ABI.  They have a small business membership that MAY just wash when you figure you pay MORE to enter the conference as a non-member. You’re better at math than I.

Hit up Leisa Fox, ABI’s Membership Director and tell her Doug sent you.  She’ll treat you right.

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