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Let’s Talk About Where We’ve Been Less Than Perfect

When it comes to after hours support, we have dropped the ball at times.  There was a slim chance that a customer would get into a phone loop where the support line would ring and ring and ring.  After XX rings, it’s logical for our customers to give up.  I know I would.  It didn’t happen often, but when you’re on the other end of that endless ring – it matters to you and it’s happening – NOW.

To address this, we’ve moved to a guaranteed answer after hours support.  You will get a live human who will take down your name, company name, and your question.  Then you’re off the phone and doing what you can to be productive.  On the back end, our team is alerted and we call back rapidly.  We have contemplated the mode where we’d keep you on the line and just “connect” you to a support team member…but for now we’ve opted to take the message and call you back.

If we find you prefer the alternative method, we’ll change it.

Most businesses are afraid to talk about failure.  We’re not perfect…and part of our core philosophy is to improve every single day.  This is us, improving.  Thank you for supporting us and as always please share any suggestions you have with us.


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