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Mac Users Forced to Use PC Applications & Internet Explorer

I just got off the phone with a great friend who’s a recruiter.  In some of his jobs, he’s asked to use a piece of web based recruiting software which will remain nameless (I fear this would be too much of an embarrassment if I let it out.)  Said web based software requires Microsoft Internet Explorer.  It simply doesn’t work I guess in Firefox…but it absolutely doesn’t work for anyone with a MAC.

So, if you’re a recruiter and you use a Mac, what do you do?  My friend is using “his wife’s 8 year old laptop top that was sitting in the corner waiting for recycling,” vs. his shiny new Macbook.  Ouch.  Sure you could buy parallels and windows 8 and install them and…..never mind.  He is so not going there.

When he told me this, I reminded him what we do here at Scale Faster.

Three minutes later, he had a demo session set up so he now has a fully Windows desktop (including the beloved IE) and fully functional web based software on his Macbook.  (and the world was right again.)

If you’re a Mac person being forced into a PC world – don’t fear.  Virtual PC sessions are meant for folks like you.  It’s an instant solution with no commitment and no software installs.



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