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Mars Rover Proves Need for Small Business Disaster Recovery Plan

OK, so there was even water on Mars according to reports in the news today.  What are the odds?  The odds are probably far more likely that you’ll have a water disaster.  Small businesses (and we’re one of them) often feel like they’re floating down a river unable to make moves against the current pulling them toward the waterfall. Don’t let the water ruin your plan for the future.

Get some kind of backup in place now whether it be:

  1. A simple backup drive attached to your computer or server which might give you 50/50 shot in case of a water intrusion.
  2. A remote backup service like Mozy or Carbonite which places your files in secure storage where the odds of a water intrusion super slim.
  3. A service / device that combines the easy and speed of local backup with a remote service too.  (If the water gets ya…you’re still clear)
  4. A full cloud offering which puts apps and data in the cloud so the odds of a water intrusion causing you downtime are downright…Martian.

Remember – 2 out of 2 Martian rovers choose remote backup for their data and apps.

You should too.

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