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Moving from a Technical Sale to Solution Sale in 25 pages

I’ve linked here to the story of how we reinvented our managed services & cloud computing business from a fairly technical sale into a retail experience called Scale Faster.  This book is by no means “done” and I expect revisions over the next XX months as we learn and succeed and fail.

We say with pride that we’re in the business of delivering unlicensed psychotherapy and wellness to business owners and this ebook explains how that will happen.

I’d love to hear your comments and suggestions.

As another experiment, I published the Scale Faster transformation book on Amazon’s Kindle Direct platform for $.99.  If you’d like to know how easy that was and how I formatted my book perfectly for the Amazon store, shoot me an email or connect with me socially and I’ll tell all.

(pssssst…It was dead simple!)

It’s also available here embedded from docstoc.
Breaking Retail – Creating Customer Experience from the Ground to the Cloud

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