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Need to Hold a Strategy or Planning Session for 2013?

doug mitchell and mike wagner at butcher blockDoes your company need to get its feet under itself before we launch into a new year with a potentially new political and economic climate?


Need to reinvent your business and map out some new ways to make money this year?

We offer up the Scale Faster studio to you and your team.  If you haven’t seen our space, it includes about 30 feet of white board, a 6 foot by 3foot butcher block on wheels a massive roll of butcher paper for limitless idea sketching.

If it’s time you started looking forward instead of being caught in the weeds, give me a shout and lets book the studio for you and your team.  You won’t regret it.

We believe in sharing and offering up the studio is a part of our mission to increase our customers and community’s value creation quotient.

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