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Networking is Dead – Long Live Engagement

Do you feel it?  I do.  How many times have you been approached by someone in the last 12 months who’s “taking a new spin on networking” and wanting to “only spend time building relationships with other professionals with integrity who get it?”  For me – about 6 times in the last 6 months.

Glad handing in a room full of business card swappers and “lead generators” just doesn’t cut it anymore.  With so much emphasis (and truth) on building a real relationship where you know, like, and trust someone, it seems like folly to head to a random mixer.

Time is tight.  People are being pulled in 50 directions.  when you add in the desire to be a husband, spend time with family and participate in the kids lives – the choices narrow even further.

What’s your take on “networking” today?  Are you meeting a bunch of one-way-streeters looking to pump you for who you know under the guise of “lead sharing”?  Or are you making real connections with connectors and master influencers?

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