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New Support Solution for our Help Desk Starting April 9, 2012

Hello again and thanks for being our customer.  We’re very excited to tell you of an upcoming enhancement to our user support process.  Here are the basics.

  1. As of Monday April 9, the emails you get in response to tickets submitted will look and feel different.  Don’t worry.  We’re using a far more powerful but far simpler system to drive our support. It’s called  You will still use if you’d like to submit a ticket immediately.  But we hope you’ll try out what’s next in #2.
  2. 2.       When you visit the SUPPORT link on our home page, you’ll be redirected to this page – Notice the “Have a question” box and the support/knowledge base articles right there on the landing page.  We’ll post key solutions to issues, tips and tricks, and lots of other goodies there so you can find a quick answer at all hours.  Start your quest for assistance here at  and you may just find the exact answer you need in seconds.  As we use the system more and more, there will be robust documentation and knowledge base pieces to support you.
  3. Notice to the right on that page, you’ll see EMAIL US and LIVE CHAT! – Live chat is available starting Monday to solve immediate issues and each live chat occurrence automatically creates a ticket in our system.
  4. Notice NETWORK STATUS – Go here first if you have an issue with connectivity.  If we have defined something going on we’ll tell you about it here.
  5. Both our Fan Page on Facebook & our Twitter account are tied to support.  If you choose those routes to ask questions are start your support request, it’s all good.  Please take a moment and LIKE our Fan Page and follow us.

You can always call us of course but in my experience, many people want to have solutions available on demand. If for no other reason, customers working at home at night will have far more options.  We needed to round out the support experience, understand which issues come up repeatedly, and do something the fix them long term.

This support portal is the foundation of that and we believe that 3-6 months from now, we’ll be even stronger.  We promise to make you smarter, free you to succeed, and provide solutions that just work…and we’re trying harder every day to deliver on those promises.

Thanks again for your business and I hope to see you soon at a lunch and learn.


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