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pc Central adds 2-way paperless faxing into its small business virtual desktop solution

At pc Central, our goal is to remove pain and suffering from you the small business hero.  We tend to integrate complimentary offerings that can extend the pain relief even further and give you more reason to take a vacation.
Next on that list for us is integrated 2-way fax capabilities.  Faxing isn’t a big part of my life, but occasionally, I need to send one, and that sends me scrambling on a quest for “free fax services” or whatever I can find.  Most often, I can’t find my way through the clutter and I end up driving to the UPS Store and using his for $2.  (Captain technology here has a real problem with that mentally but when your’e in a pinch…)
So, pc Central decided to end the pain and integrated 2-way faxing capabilities into our solution.  Now, our small business cloud customers can send a fax from the computer (i.e. this word doc on my machine needs to be faxed to a number) as simply as they can print.
Also, we provide a 515 phone number so you can receive inbound faxes.  So now, you can remain paperless and fax as little or as much as you need to.
Of course, if you need to physically sign something (our mortgage and financial services sector clients typically need this functionality), you’ll need a scanner that works in the virtual world, but most small businesses have a scanner these days.  If you don’t, we can probably recommend a $100 option (or a multi-function machine) that will help you achieve clutterless paperless bliss.
This option for 2-way faxing can be added into your pc Central virtual environment for only $5/month.  Yep.  Problem solved. (Again)

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