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Please Make This Cloud Deal More Complicated

Since when did simplicity in I.T. create suspicion?  (Ask Apple.)  We often run into a few situations during our conversations with prospective customers.

  1. Where’s the contract?  We don’t have one.  We do our job and you have the right to fire us at any time.  We’ll help you leave and we’d just like 30 days to smooth that process if you do.
  2. There’s no way you can have 24-hour support you’re too small! Not really.  We don’t get many calls period because our solutions just work.
  3. Can you generate me a proposal? How about we just whip out your smart phone and type $65 x the number of users + $100 one time set up for each of those users.  So now you know how much your annual I.T. expense budget will be besides the occasional hardware blow up or “out of virtual session” virus / malware download and we have partners for that.
It can be tough to be simple.  But great organizations have dominated on simplicity and pcCentral chooses that route.  Would you like a side of security with that backup?

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